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Warf History:
Descendants of William &
 Sarah G. Dameron Warf
        According to records found in "Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia 1806-1830", William Warf and Sarah G. Dameron were married in that county on December 21, 1829, by Sur. William Hudson. And, according to these same records, Roger Warf gave consent for William. These same records also show that Sarah gave her own consent. This would indicate that William was not of legal age to marry without having permission from a parent or legal guardian. This gives substance to the idea that William's birth date was 1810 rather than 1808 as is inscribed on his tombstone.
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        William and Sarah lived in Pittsylvania County, Virginia until 1838 or 1839 when they made their journey to Tennessee, traveling with a wagon train of about forty wagons and two wheeled carts, probably very similar to the one shown in the image above. William Thomas Warf (William and Sarah's third or possibly fourth child) is said to have told his children that he was about two years old when he made the journey.

        William and Sarah settled in the Fourth Civil District of Hickman County, Tennessee, near the Barren Forks Community and according to some of their grandchildren, either homesteaded or were granted a tract of land which consisted of over one thousand acres. It is said that William and his family lived in a large two-story house which no longer stands. Any records confirming this were destroyed when the courthouse in Hickman County burned.

        Three of their children were born in Virginia, the two others were born in Tennessee. Some people also believe that John S. Warf, who is listed in the "1850 Mortality Schedule of Tennessee", was also a son of William and Sarah. John S. Warf (or Worf as shown in the book) was born in Virginia but died at the age of 18 in Tennessee. The records also show that he died in the month of April from Typhoid fever after being ill for 16 days, and that he was a farmer.
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        William Thomas Warf was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia on June 4, 1837 to William and Sarah G. Dameron Warf. When William Thomas was very young, around two years of age, his mom and dad decided to leave Virginia. Traveling with a wagon train of about 40 wagons and two wheeled carts, the Warf family made their way through the Cumberland Gap.

        They made their new home in the Fourth Civil District of Hickman County, Tennessee close to the Hickman and Williamson County line, near the Barren Fork Community. A story that has been passed down through the years says that William Thomas was very ill during their trip west and that his parents were "fearful for his life". USA, LLC
        As a young man William Thomas was drafted into the Army. He served during the Civil War in company H, 24th infantry out of Hickman County, Tennessee. William Thomas was injured during the war when he and several other men were bed down in a barn during a measles epidemic. Another soldier fell on William injuring his hip or leg requiring surgery.

        Apparently William was not discharged from the service, because it is said that he hid whenever strangers came around because he had not signed allegiance. One of his children, Robert Benjamin Warf, was born while William was away in the service. After the war William Thomas was a farmer and operated a sawmill. After his mother's death in 1874, William Thomas' father lived with him and his family.

        When he was able, William Thomas made his way back home on crutches, that I have been told he made himself, riding wagons, and he even "borrowed a horse", which he turned loose before he reached home, a distance of around one hundred miles. He never went back.
        William Thomas married three times. His first wife was Elizabeth Ann Hudgins "Eliza". Eliza was born in North Carolina on March 25, 1832, to James Armstrong Hudgins and Nancy Jane Vaughn. Eliza was sister to Mary B. Hudgins, wife of Roger Warf, William Thomas' brother. Eliza and William Thomas were married in Hickman County, Tennessee on January 14, 1857. She and William Thomas had a total of nine children. Their last child, however, died just a few days after his birth.

         William Thomas Warf's second wife was Mary Partheny Fox. Mary was born April 23, 1847, in Williamson County, Tennessee, to Milus Fox and Mary Abigail Wakefield. William and Mary married September 29, 1886, in Williamson County, Tennessee, a little over two years after Eliza died. Mary died September 15, 1887, just three days after giving birth to their only child, Thomas Marion Warf. Although I do not have any records for proof, Mary probably died as a result of childbirth. Mary was buried in the Greenbriar Cemetery in Williamson County, Tennessee

        Less than a year after Partheny's death, William Thomas married Mary Catherine Cooley (pictured on the left). Mary, or Molly as she was called, is the daughter of James M. Cooley and Polly Randolph. Molly died December 7, 1935

        William and Molly were married October 14, 1888 in Williamson County, Tennessee. Molly was born December 26, 1858 in Indiana and died December 7, 1935, just short of her seventy-seventh birthday, in Hickman County, Tennessee. Prior to William, Molly was married to Elijah Thomas Sullivan. Molly and Elijah married October 6, 1878. Elijah Sullivan, the son of Owen Sullivan and Sarah Jane Tidwell, was born November 22, 1855, and died April 7, 1882, more than six years before Molly married William Thomas. Elijah was buried in Sullivan Cemetery, Williamson County, Tennessee. Molly and Elijah had two children, which William

 Thomas adopted after he and Molly married
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